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How 5 Men Are Showing Up For Their Partners On Their Period

How 5 Men Are Showing Up For Their Partners On Their Period
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It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to honor  the special  humans that make our time of the month that much easier. The submissions to our Valentine’s Day contest were so beautiful, we couldn't pick a winner!  We decided to  leave  that task up to you!  We’re calling on our Happy Flo community to vote for the best submission below. 

Grab your tissues, get cozy and  read the most loving stories about how the partners in these ladies’ lives show up during their time of the month. 

“It took about 3 years for me to open up to my partner about my hellish periods and he was amazed I had to go through this each month.  I was recently diagnosed with fibroids and my partner always goes out of his way to make those 5 awful days of the month so lovely for me, despite the agony I am in. One particularly bad period when I was unable to move, he took care of absolutely everything on a week where I had a jam packed schedule. He did my work tasks for me (we work in the same industry), made me lovely meals (and cleaned up after me when I couldn't keep things down) and changed the sheets after I got caught off guard with some heavy bleeding”.


“Triszan and I hadn’t been dating seriously for very long but I had a very painful cyst in my breast and was dealing with unexpected bleeding because of a stubborn uterine fibroid.  One day he called me and I honestly told him I was not feeling well due to a rough period. He asked if he could bring me something from the store. Mind you, he lives nearly forty minutes away. I told him I would schedule a pickup from the supermarket, but no slots were available. He said no worries, I will just roll in there. Oh, I forgot to mention he has MS and uses a wheelchair. He grabbed my items from the store and even brought some sea moss he made for me at home. He dropped off my things. Before he left, he kissed my forehead, looked me in the eye, and told me he had me. I was two seconds from being in tears. He's a real one…

I used to deal with my periods in silence because I was not comfortable telling men I was seeing. Triszan shared with me his story about having MS which made me feel  comfortable sharing my health and reproductive issues. He told me he wanted to hear it all so he could help. I've been back and forth to the doctor and each time I go, he looks up ingredients for what they prescribed me and wants to hear all the details. He even researches ways to shrink fibroids naturally."


“I dated Jonathan for one year before I expressed how bad my period made me feel. He was incredibly supportive from the onset and bought a heating pad for his house so I would have one there if I needed it. He also kept tampons and Midol stocked for me as well. 

Before My Happy Flo, my period was once a dreaded time of the month. Cramping, breast tenderness, irritability, mood swings or cravings. And my flow…it was more like a raging river.  For the week leading up to D(read) day, my partner did all he could to satisfy my many moods. Salty, sweet, he never knew what I’d throw his way, but he was there to support me through it. 

When he didn’t ask why I laid down a towel before climbing in bed, I knew that was my opening to discuss something I’d always been too “embarrassed” to share. “I’m a heavy bleeder and I don’t want to mess up your sheets,” became the gateway to being honest and vulnerable about my period. I knew he was a kind, gentle soul, but he shows me over and over just how incredible he is. From changing the sheets without saying a word when I’ve had an “accident” to “how are you feeling” messages when he knows my period has started (he has companion access to my period tracker app), to stocking the pantry will all my guilty pleasures, he is a gem. Now that I take My Happy Flo, he ensures I have my supplements each morning. “Did you take your vitamins this morning?” has become as common as good morning and what’s for dinner texts.


"In past relationships, I was ashamed to share my period experience because earlier on I did not know that a condition(ectopic kidney) was causing the blackouts, dark blood, fainting and sickness. Danny was the true meaning of "through sickness and help" before we even made it "official".

My Husband made it easy for me to be transparent as he has a sister who has similar pain experiences with her periods and he has been there for the tears, hospital visits, revolving birth control plans to regulate my cycle and constant moans of pain. I've sent him pictures to help him purchase my requested period products along with snacks and he delivers every time with an answer of love”


“My cycles started regular and all of a sudden at age 33 my whole life changed. I had heavy bleeding. Like bleeding through my clothing, having to take showers randomly throughout the day. I was so tired, had no energy at all. And my cramps were so bad I would just lay on the floor and cry. 

I was so scared to tell my partner because previous partners had made me feel like periods were unnatural and I felt ashamed. We were supposed to move in together but I decided not to because of how heavy my cycles were…One day I had to tell him because it was causing turmoil in our relationship. He was so understanding. Shortly after I started to have to get blood transfusions because I had lost so much blood. After a few of those, he said "I think you need to go to the doctor, something else is wrong." He had taken the time to research and thought I may have endometriosis.  I had over 15 fibroids. My uterus was the size of a 4 month pregnant woman and I opted for a Myomectomy. We eventually moved in together and when I tell y’all this man stayed with me everyday, made sure there wasn't anything that I needed, and  even helped me take a shower! I love him for everything he does for me!” 


Which Love Her. Period story was your favorite? Cast your vote below and receive 20% off your next order of My Happy Flo (code revealed after voting)

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