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Period Health Quiz

What are your symptoms telling
you about your health?

AAhhh, here we go again. Another month of bloating, cramping, heavy flows and painful migraines. Aunt Flo sure knows how to make her presence known! But here’s a little secret—those pesky PMS symptoms aren’t meant to be the norm; they’re actually here to warn you that something’s up. And despite what the doctor may tell you, band-aid remedies like Ibuprofen and heating pads aren’t enough.

Our menstrual cycles are considered a fifth vital sign, and our periods serve as a monthly report card letting us know what’s up with our hormones (and no, it’s not because Mercury is in retrograde!). So, before you pull out the pint of Ben & Jerry’s, take our one-minute period quiz to get the real tea behind your period woes and learn how you can trade mood swings for mimosas with your girls over brunch with our pain-free period hacks.