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Your period, but make it happy

Daily Vitamins to Support Healthier Hormones & Pain-Free Periods

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We’ve made 10,000+ periods happier

Your Period Doesn't Have To Be Painful Sis!

Downgrade the super tampons, skip the painkillers, and toss the heating pads because your period is about to get waaay better. Like, lighter-flows, fewer-cramps, and better-moods better. Because periods actually *shouldn't* be long, heavy or painful. Powered by plants and all-natural ingredients that support balanced hormones, regulated cycles and optimizes female reproductive health, My Happy Flo is your new period genie in a bottle!


How It Works

Promotes Healthier Hormones

Up to 80% of women are living with hormonal imbalances that contribute to period pain, PMS and conditions such as fibroids and PCOS. Our plant nutrients support happier hormones so that you can enjoy a period that comes in peace.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a common cause of heavy flows and painful periods. My Happy Flo's Vitamin C, Zinc, and the omega 3s in flaxseeds work together to lower inflammation for a better period experience.


Replenishes Micronutrients

Most of us are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, magnesium and iron — deficiencies that contribute to heavy bleeding, cramps, and mood swings. Our daily vitamin will top your levels up so that you can feel your best...not just during your flo, but every single day of the month!

Happy Periods, Happy People

@Kayla-Rae M

Heaven Sent!!! No more bad cramps!!! Even with my fibroids I'm able to still have a life while on my period. Thank you My Happy Flo 💝💖💖

@Bernice A

More energy, less cramping , glowing skin. A better flow period! I’ll give it 5 ⭐️

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For the first time in 18 years my pads weren't soaked through and I could function throughout my day! Magical supplement! 🥰🥰


Changing the relationships we have with our periods

It’s no secret that women of color are often overlooked and underserved by our medical system. But when our founder Necole’s close friends started to get diagnosed with fibroids in their 30s, and the only options available were birth control and surgeries, she knew we deserved better. So, she created better.

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“My Happy Flo is a supplement brand educating women on what normal periods should look like”

“The goal is to give women pain-free, mood-free and symptom-free periods."

"A daily supplement that alleviates cramps, bloating, and heavy flows, and reduces symptoms associated with PCOS, Fibroids, PMDD, and Endometriosis. 

"My Happy Flo is a daily supplement that balances women’s hormones and allows them to experience shorter, lighter periods with less clotting and little to no cramping in the process."

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Why My Happy Flo?

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No Added Sugars or Preservatives
Promotes Healthier Hormones
Includes 7 Vitamins & Minerals
Contains Iron To Help Combat heavy flows and anemia
100% Women Owned
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Before and afters, but make it periods

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