PMS, Interrupted

Pain-free, drama-free periods are your birthright

Can we talk.. for a minute, about your period?

You know the type. Day one? Feels like the fight of your life. Glued to a heating pad, popping pain meds, with moods that swing like a pendulum. (Ring the alarm!) Cravings are intense, bleeding is heavier than normal and all plans are cancelled until further notice.

We’ve all been there, but it’s not supposed to be that way. 

Earth to Girl: 

Your monthly cycle shouldn’t be painful. 

Painful periods showing up with their unruly friends: heavy-bleeding, acne and PMS symptoms is often a sign that your hormones are out of whack. That’s right, they’re imbalanced and estrogen decided to steal the show.  

My Happy Flo is self-care in a bottle. It's time to clean house of those uninvited guests and show your period some real love.

The Period Glow Up

LESS pain + MORE energy + BETTER mood? 

How does that sound?

Because SHE is the prototype.

Our formula consisting of 3 plant-based ingredients + 6 essential vitamins = 

1 Happier Period!

Why My Happy Flo Matters

Menstrual Wellness

Most quick reliefs for period pains, period induced mood-swings, hormonal acne, heavy-bleeding and other manifestations of PMS symptoms serve as band-aids. Both period-related medications and birth control can get a quick interior design job done but they don’t have the capacity to rearrange your insides for long-term comfort and freedom.

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More Women Empowered

Our mission is to empower you to become your own healthcare advocate and the CEO of your menstrual + reproductive health. Many women have accepted that periods are painful. In-fact, many of us have normalized said pain because it’s romanticized as “normal”. The truth is, the excessive bleeding and deep, discomforting cramps that destabilize are not supposed to be normal. We champion our differences, and understand, we are all different. Period.

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