Can I Conceive On My Happy Flo? These 5 Women Did!

My Happy Flo Conceive Pregnancy

Spring is almost here and this month's vibe here at My Happy Flo is Bloom!  We are stepping into this season welcoming everything we deserve…and more.  This season we are birthing new energy, tapping into fresh  ideas, embracing new relationships and flourishing in abundance. We are doing it all.


Speaking of blooming… let's talk about babies!! Recently, we received an influx of emails and comments, asking if My Happy Flo is safe to take if you are trying to conceive. 

The answer is YES! My Happy Flo’s ingredients support improved progesterone production and ovulation regularity, which can help boost fertility. We understand you only want the best for your body, and we are glad you trust My Happy Flo in your journey. 

In a time where black women can have so many complications with pregnancies, We’re celebrating this beautiful new season by sharing successful stories from My Happy Flo moms, we promise they will leave you glowing! 

"I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and let you know that I’M PREGNANT and I am due in July!! After my fibroid diagnosis almost four years ago and once I passed the age of 35, I didn’t think I would ever have kids and started to lose hope. But I truly believe that taking My Happy Flo really helped to heal my uterus and prepare my body for this miracle. I am over the moon right now and am just so grateful to you and your vision to create this incredible product to help women heal themselves from the inside out. You are truly a godsend"


I used to have painful periods that would send me to the hospital every month since I was 15. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and put on birth control to keep my periods from stopping my life. As I got older, the conversation around successfully conceiving a child was something I didn’t think was possible for me. In 2021, I decided to get off of birth control after my body had a bad reaction and I started taking My Happy Flo. I noticed a change with my period after the first month. I decided to try to conceive with my partner in April of 2022, and I received my first positive pregnancy test on June 11th. On Valentine’s Day,, I welcomed my beautiful daughter into this world. This moment wouldn’t have been possible without the help of My Happy Flo!


I was diagnosed with fibroids at an early age and my periods were filled with heavy bleeding, unable to eat the first two days and vomiting. The cramping would last all but the last day. I was taking a ton of ibuprofen, tethered to my heating pad and missing a lot of work. I thought I'd never be able to have a normal period, but I saw results within my first month of starting My Happy Flo. My period was 3 days shorter, less painful and I experienced no vomiting for the first time in a decade. I wanted to share with your team that I have been able to conceive and am expecting my first child, which is truly a miracle. Thank you for helping me get there.


I wrote you all last year and advised I had conceived despite having PCOS and one tube due to a prior ectopic pregnancy and was sure My Happy Flo was a key factor in that process. Well Wednesday I gave birth to my baby girl. I am beyond blessed and wanted to thank you for the role this supplement has played in my life. I am very sure that when women follow their hearts and passions, lives are changed. Thank you again.


I was on birth control and was pretty much miserable for three years. And I really felt bad for my husband as he expressed he didn’t recognize who I was anymore so I came off and we decided to wing it. As I approached my 30s I noticed my cramps were worsening and my pre menstrual symptoms were terrible. From headaches to my breast feeling like rocks! In between this time, my husband and I discussed having another child. But we weren’t having any luck conceiving. I saw Necole promoting My Happy Flo and I bought into her brand right away. And let me tell you, my cramps, headaches and breast pain were little to none once I started My Happy Flo! Late last year was my last supply as I found out we were expecting! I definitely credit My Happy Flo in helping our conceiving journey. And for that I am forever grateful!



We love hearing your stories!  We all deserve better periods when it comes to our reproductive health. If My Happy Flo has helped you in your journey to parenthood, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your testimonial at !