Your August Playlist Is Here: Healing Girl Summer

Your August Playlist Is Here:  Healing Girl Summer

It’s end of week and it seems you’re at the center of that one meme where the person is surrounded by fire, still screaming “I’m fine.” In actuality, you’re not and that’s okay. Now is the time you unwind. Take a step back and release all you cannot control. Don’t allow things not meant for you to settle within you, rent-free.  

Healing isn’t a linear process.

Break out the wine, light the sage and tap into your main character energy! Remember when Erykah Badu told us to “pack light?” Remember when you successfully chose closure instead of conflict and when your ‘taking the high road’ resulted in something bigger and better than you anticipated? Bask in that. Stand firm in the reminder that good karma is magnetic and always returns ten-fold. 

 May My Happy Flo’s official Healing Girl Summer playlist be the soundtrack to your growth and new glow.

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