My Happy Flo Selected As UnderFunded Grant Recipient

Necole Kane Underfunded Grant My Happy Flo Founder

My Happy Flo is thrilled to announce that out of thousands of applicants, we were selected as the Spring '22 UnderFUNDED Grant recipient! This grant, sponsored by The Well Work, will allow My Happy Flo to launch empowering educational content around menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, and fertility awareness. 

Founder Necole Kane said, "For me, there was a sense of urgency around launching My Happy Flo. Too many women were suffering in silence from painful periods and reproductive health complications without the proper answers or education to heal. Far too often, women were being recommended surgeries and hysterectomies as their only option, and I knew we deserved better. Especially as women of color. 80% of Black women will be diagnosed with fibroids before 50, and a painful period is the first sign of hormonal imbalances and increased risk for fibroids. I wanted to provide a holistic solution to address the root cause of their monthly discomfort without the long-term side effects of painkillers and birth control."

Since the launch of My Happy Flo, women have reported having immediate period relief. They are often praising the supplement for changing their lives by eliminating painful cramps and heavy bleeding, reducing bloating, restoring energy and confidence, and giving them an overall new lease on life. 

Necole Kane Founder My Happy Flo
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As a word of encouragement for Black women founders, Necole says, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. For every 20 grant applications I fill out, I may be privileged to win 1. That's a lot of no's but keep going! Keep shouting your brand mission to the rooftops and sharing your personal story of why it was necessary to launch your business. Those No's will one day turn into Yeses."

Thanks to the UnderFUNDED Grant, My Happy Flo can continue leading the charge for healthier, happier, and more holistic periods. And expand our reach as we aim to empower women to become their own healthcare advocates and the CEO of their menstrual and reproductive health. We thank The Well Work for generously funding our work as we look forward to de-stigmatizing these conversations surrounding menstrual health and providing women with truthful answers to their unanswered questions.

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