How She Healed Her Fibroids Naturally In 6 Months

shrinking fibroids naturally

Despite what you may have heard from your doctors, you have options beyond a hysterectomy  – you can heal your fibroids naturally. My Happy Flo customer Syrenia W. is proof of this. 

How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally - Syrenia's Journey

Like many women, Syrenia found herself in a relentless pursuit of answers after suffering a miscarriage in March 2021. Her doctor suggested that the miscarriage was simply because she has been using birth control for so many years and sent her on her way without further testing. 

Not wanting to give up hope, she continued trying to conceive only to be met with menstrual cycles getting continuously worse as the months went on. She began having migraines, body aches, and back pain so severe that she was unable to stand for days at a time and had to regularly miss work because of her period.

Eight months after her first miscarriage, she had another. 

Syrenia took matters into her own hands, as Black women so often do, knowing her sister had undergone a hysterectomy in her 30s and she didn’t want to meet the same fate. She researched her family history, tracked her monthly PMS symptoms, and between three doctors across her state, she finally visited a fibroid specialist who gave her some answers. 

Her painful periods and heavy bleeding were caused by 11 fibroids. 

The fibroid specialist revealed that her birth control may have been one of the culprits behind her fibroids. Most doctors prescribe birth control because it is effective at treating the symptoms of – heavy, painful, inconsistent periods – but the hormones can sometimes accelerate fibroid growth while masking the symptoms for many years. 

Her options were limited: Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) – a minimally invasive surgery that cuts off the blood supply to fibroids,  hysterectomy, or more birth control. None of which would give her the option to continue trying to conceive.

“All of my friends have 2-3 kids and I was like, ‘Can I just have one by the age of 45?’ I don’t want a hysterectomy. I don’t want to have major surgery so we need an outpatient option.”

Lacking options but never lacking hope, she decided to find an alternative way to heal her fibroids naturally.

Fibroids Diet & Supplements

While waiting for an available appointment to see the specialist in Memphis recommended by her sister, Syrenia discovered My Happy Flo. She began her daily ritual of taking the supplements which she said says provided her with relief, and alleviated her heavy bleeding and cramping within the first 30 days.  She also implemented a few lifestyle changes recommended by her mother-in-law which included: 

  • Eliminating red meat, dairy, and overly processed foods

  • Reducing intake of white rice, pasta, flour, baked goods, boxed cereals and fried foods

  • Implemented more green veggies, and whole foods into her diet

  • Eliminating soda and other sugary drinks, alcohol, corn syrup

With My Happy Flo, a healthier diet consisting of organic foods, greens, fruit, veggies, and plenty of water, and becoming more active, Syrenia saw her period return. “[My Happy Flo] gave me the option to live life again. I was finally able to be human – to stand up and function throughout a day,” she told MHF Founder, Necole Kane, during a recent IG Live. 

By her follow up appointment two-months later, Syrenia and the specialist were shocked to find that the 11 fibroids were down to 2-3 very tiny ones which was confirmed with both internal and external ultrasounds.  Her doctor was able to perform an in-office procedure to dissolve the remaining ones. 

Syrenia says that My Happy Flo period vitamins saved her life and gave her the opportunity to possibly one day have a family. She tried many diets before and it wasn’t until she started My Happy Flo that she noticed a difference in her period as soon as the first month. Syrenia’s advice to others who are experiencing disruptive periods is to: 

  1. Always ask questions. 
  2. Have conversations with your doctor about what you’re experiencing and present the research that you’ve done. 
  3. Request imaging - an ultrasound, MRI, etc.) to confirm if fibroids are present. 
  4. Find a doctor that believes you. If a doctor refuses to treat you, find one that will. 

We at My Happy Flo are so proud of Syrenia’s self-advocacy, resilience, and ability to heal her fibroids without major surgery or continued birth control. 

Watch Syrenia share her story below: 

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