My Happy Flo Awarded $25,000 From BROWN GIRL Jane And Shea Moisture’s #BrownGirlSwap Grant Competition

My Happy Flo Awarded $25,000 From BROWN GIRL Jane And Shea Moisture’s #BrownGirlSwap Grant Competition

My Happy Flo has recently been announced as the grand prize winner of BROWN GIRL Jane and Shea Moisture’s #BrownGirlSwap Grant Competition.

Launched in June 2020, the grant fund is committed to investing in Black women beauty and wellness founders. Now, for the partnership’s third annual competition, My Happy Flo was among the 10 finalists. After being voted as the top favorite by the #BrownGirlSwap community, the menstrual wellness brand took home the $25,000 grand prize. 

“Many of us have watched you and grown up with you and seen your evolution,” Taydra Mitchell Jackson, Head of Marketing at Sundial Brands said during a surprise call to My Happy Flo founder Necole Kane while announcing the news. “We talk a lot about what it means to be a disruptor in our space, being able to put your weight behind something and be willing to move, and we’ve watched you through every iteration of your career, and every iteration of your manifestation.”

“It takes such courage [to transition into a new space], and I want you to know that there are people who are watching you, that are inspired by you, that see how you manifest and do what you do, and I’m really excited for you in this moment. The disruption that you bring, we know that it comes from a sincere place, but you are a force and we are excited to partner with you in this way.”

In addition to the grant, #BrownGirlSwap awarded My Happy Flo with a seat at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business.

My Happy Flo BrownGirlSwap Winner
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The first runner-up, TameTheStorm, won a $20,000 business grant. 

The eight finalists listed below each received a $10,000 business grant:

#BrownGirlSwap’s grant fund for the finalists totaled to $125,000. 

Beauty and wellness leaders BROWN GIRL Jane and Shea Moisture are all about spearheading real change, especially for Black women. My Happy Flo perfectly aligns with their mission in its own right by supporting the underrepresented group in being freed from painful periods. The new funding will go toward the growing company’s efforts to educate women about their monthly cycle and how lifestyle changes can prevent health scares.

“I launched My Happy Flo because I noticed the lack of representation in the supplement space when it came to black women's health,” Kane said. “I was surrounded by so many women who felt elevated and empowered in their careers, but felt disempowered when it came to their reproductive health. Our menstrual cycle serves as a monthly report card into our overall health but there is a lack of education around what period symptoms are really telling us about our body, and what we can do to resolve those symptoms. That knowledge is the first step to us being able to lower our risk of getting fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, breast cancer and even infertility, through lifestyle and nutritional changes.”

My Happy Flo Grant Winner BrownGirlSwap

“Aside from our holistic supplements, we believe it’s just as [important] to empower women to become the bosses of their menstrual health,” the CEO continued. “This grant will allow us the resources to launch more educational content and amplify the discussion around black women and period health through thought-provoking campaigns in the new year. We are so grateful for Shea Moisture and BROWN GIRL Jane for this opportunity and the community of women who voted for not only us, but all of the amazing finalists in the competition.”