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The Journey To Launching My Happy Flo

Some of you may have followed my career as a very successful celebrity blogger and media mogul. I’ve been covered in top magazines, featured in TV Shows, name-dropped in a number of songs, won numerous awards, and even flew around the world with one of my favorite singers on her highly publicized 7-day, 7-country tour. I’ve also seen massive success while in the driver’s seat of a thriving empowerment and lifestyle platform xoNecole which catered to millions of women. But despite all of the success, fame, and relevancy working in media afforded me, nothing has made me feel as purposed and as proud as the work I am doing now with my latest venture, My Happy Flo.


Similar to most women, I spent years overworking, skipping meals, and forgetting to prioritize self-care while hustling my way to success in an unhealthy way. And my periods were debilitating! I’m talking the glued to a heating pad, taking time off of work, and skipping out on vacations with friends kind of bad. At the time, I didn’t know that our menstrual cycle is considered a fifth vital sign and can be considered a monthly report card for our overall health. Similar to some of the symptoms my mom endured before being diagnosed and eventually dying from breast cancer, my period was showing me signs that I was not in good health. I was dehydrated, had gut imbalances, severe vitamin deficiencies and my hormones were out of whack. But I ignored all the signs because I grew up believing that periods were supposed to be painful.

The Truth Is...
Periods Are Not Supposed To Be Painful

Cramping, mood swings, bloating, heavy bleeding and irregular periods are all signs of hormonal imbalance.

When I began to enroll in certification programs in holistic nutrition and hormone health, it was alarming to find out that 80% of women were living with hormonal imbalances that were manifesting into heavy, painful periods. When left unaddressed and undiagnosed, these imbalances could lead to more serious health complications such as fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid disorders, and infertility. Black women in particular are 2 to 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with fibroids, and 4 times more likely to undergo hysterectomy as a cure for their period pain and fibroid symptoms. Due to lack of education around what a normal period looks like, it could take women up to 10 years to see a doctor or get a proper diagnosis for the root cause of their period symptoms.


With so many women who looked like me suffering in silence and living in shame, I knew I had to do something.


With the help of a holistic doctor, I was able to balance my hormones naturally through implementing a vitamin regimen that addressed my various micronutrient deficiencies, as well as lifestyle and nutritional changes. I also made a conscious effort to reduced my exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals found in most household, feminine care, beauty and hair products (especially marketed towards black women) by making the switch to organic and plant-based brands. As a result, I experienced a pleasant shift in my periods without the side effects of hormonal birth control, or pain meds. Better periods and improved hormone health drastically improved my quality of life! It also helped reduce my risk of developing breast cancer, fibroid tumors and other conditions caused by estrogen dominance and I knew I had to help other women do the same. My goal with My Happy Flo was to create a holistic product that women could rely on to fill in their nutritional gaps, as well as help boost their energy, moods and immunity, and restore hormonal balance for a healthier cycle.


My Happy Flo isn’t just about supporting you while you are on your period.

We want to help optimize your health every single day of the month.


I launched this brand in honor of my mother’s breast cancer journey and a number of friends who had to turn to prescription meds or surgeries that they didn’t want because they weren’t given any other option. I am so grateful for the love and support we have received in customer testimonials, press coverage and a number of grants that have helped propel us to success. Your continued support will help us shift the narrative around periods, miseducation around hormonal contraceptives, and knowledge around natural cycles, hormone health and our reproductive system for a more empowered relationship with our bodies.


To learn more about My Happy Flo visit our homepage, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! To learn more about me visit 


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