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Hey Girl! Can we talk about your FLO?

Is she your friend or more like a frenemy -- wreaking havoc on plans, altering your work schedule, and creating awkward situations during date nights?

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

Most women do not have the best relationship with their periods and we want to change that. Your perfect period is possible and it's time we create more space for women to open up about their reproductive health, as well as help them befriend their periods, for an overall healthier relationship with their bodies.

Here at My Happy Flo, we want to change the period from the end of a sentence to the beginning of a conversation about your overall feminine health.

This is the first step!

We’d love to create a space for women to learn more about their hormones, monthly cycles, gut health, and natural, holistic approaches to reproductive care, but first, we have a few questions for you. This will help us learn more about what women experience month-to-month and over a lifetime with their menstrual cycle.

We’d love to do this in a girls' night in setting with some cocktails but since we can’t, how does a chance to win a six month supply of My Happy Flo for FREE? Plus, free Health & Hormone Coaching.

To take our survey & enter for a chance to win click here. 


A Better Period on us!


My Happy Flo