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Great product thus far. Excited about my health goals!

Will continue to use

Overall PMS symptoms were reduced. I typically get severe migraines pre & post menstrual, which were eliminated after using this product. I did still experience cramping, but I’ve only been taking these pills for a few weeks. I definitely look forward to seeing how much my cycle changes after long term use.

Bright red period

My period was bright red and lasted for 3 days! I was so happy!!


I’m really happy with these pills so far. I have noticed some change to my period and I’m hoping for more over time.

Energy and no PMS

I have so much energy. I don’t nap or feel tired like I once was before and during my period. I’m a true fan!!!

Love it!

I was skeptical of this at first, I however was proven wrong. After starting to take this I had much lighter periods, minimal cramps, and shorter periods. Thank you for creating this!

Talk about an improvement!

My Happy Flo has made my monthly cycle much more manageable! The bloating has significantly decreased and my cramps are non existent. I look forward to keeping My Happy Flo in my daily regimen.

Off to a good start!!!!

I am going into my fourth week taken MHF with my first bottle! Weirdly, I want to say I felt by body ovulating for the first time in a long time since I have been off birth control!!!!!!
I just had my cycle over the weekend!
I had some mild symptoms of PMS that I normally have. I didn’t have cramps and I actually wasn’t super moody! So I think we are off to a really good start…exciting to see how things go over time.

Night and Day

I usually have unbearable periods that make me feel horrible and ready for them to be over. Now, after My Happy Flow, I feel like my period is not an obstacle anymore. I have mentioned it to a few friends and they are excited as well.

PCOS Warrior

I have PCOS and menstrual time my face breaks out bad accompanied by a lot of chin and neck hairs. This is my first period that my face hasn’t broken out. 🙌🏾 I had maybe 2-3 hairs and I’ve only been on for a few weeks. I’m so excited.

So far so good! Two week check-In

I started taking the My Happy Flo vitamins on September 12th. My period came two days early (September 30th). I was surprised because I usually have cramps but I didn't have any that day. In the middle of the night, I had very, very mild cramps. I usually take pills but I was like, "let me see if they get worse" (wanted to see if the vitamins were really doing their thang and they are!) My cramps were very, very mild and I didn't have trouble sleeping through the night (usually cramps disturb the peace). When I woke up, they didn't feel worse. Also, I don't feel bloated or moody as I usually would.

This is a two-week check-in!

Where have you been all my life?

Ive been anticipating this project since Necole started sharing her supplement journey awhile back. Ive been on the pills for a month and they have been life changing. My inflammation and bloat has decreased significantly, my mood and energy has brought so much clarity to my busy work days and my period decreased with a lighter flow and no PMS symptoms. Amazing job with this all natural product and THANK YOU for caring enough to change lives!


Listen, when Necole first told me about MHF, I knew I needed to try it. I just had no idea how it would change my life. LISTEN.

1. I had NO PMS cramps before my period. Actually, i began taking MHF immediately after my August period and I had cramps when I began taking MHF, but after a few days they were GONE.

2. I’ve taken MHF religiously, so much so, that when my period came three days ago, I was SHOCKED! I had nooooooooooo PMS cramps! None! No warnings! A girl just went to the restroom and BOOM! Aunt Flo had come in first class!!!

3. I legit usually take 6-8 ibuprofen or midol each day of my period because of the cramps. I’ve taken NOTHING and I’m on day THREE! Do you knnnnnooooow how amazing this is for me.

4. Back to day ONE! I usually am laid up unable to work or function. Literally WOMAN DOWN! Yallll, I worked alllll day Thursday into the wee hours of the evening and wasn’t tired! I don’t even know how to articulate the joy I have right now!

MY happy Flo.. more like my happy life!

These vitamins are a game changer! I have endometriosis and pcos while on birth control (yikes) my periods would last no less than 14 days at a time and less than a month taking them I had a regular period for the first time in years! If you’re skeptical, you’re missing out on a normal period.

1 month Down 1 more to go

I tried it 2 weeks prior to my period and I saw a huge improvement as far as my bloating as far as pressure, and cramps I didn't really have any issues until maybe like the 5th day of my 7 day cycle. Definitely feel like my mood was not as up and down and definitely felt way more calmer. I literally didn't even know I was on my period at one point until I went to the bathroom and looked down it was like oh yeah that's right. I had no symptoms it was like a regular day and I didn't have those major symptoms that remind me that it's that time of the month.


This product has been life-changing and I really am so thankful for it. I use to get pain when I would have an orgasm. After taking this pill for a week the pain went away. My skin is clear. My mood is better. I have to have this pill in my life forever.

Loving it! Customer for Life!

I have been irregular since starting my period. Recently I have been extremely irregular. Having periods every 12 -19 days apart and it was such a hassle that I wished for menopause to come. Back in 2012 I had myomectomy surgery which revealed that the largest fibroid was the size of a grapefruit. I had extremely heavy bleeding back then. And I still experience heavy bleeding. Since using MHF I noticed that my PMS symtoms are non-existent and the bloating that I use to experience is very minimal. I was suppose to have started my period on 9/11 which would have been an 18 day gap from my previous period. When I am so-called regular my periods are 23-25 days apart. So I am hoping that MHF is going to regulate me and give me a light flow. Thank you ladies for this. You saved me. *blessings*

I AM SOLD- game changer!

I received two weeks before the hater (menstrual) arrived. I started taking it immediately- and Baaabbbyyy, no cramps! I wasn’t bloated at all, I’m normally constipated during that time (nope- used the bathroom everyday), pms/menstrual usually sucks all my energy for at least 2days prior and day of along with lower back pains (none of that) & generally annoyed as well as snappy. I was functioning without feeling the way I normally feel. I was/am pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to see how I feel after taking it for a full month. Get you some! Thanks Necole & team happyflo
** no lie detected in this review**

Sweet relief!

I had only received my supply one week before my cycle began. Even in taking it for that one week and during my cycle, my cramps were COMPLETELY GONE! Usually the second day is brutal, but this time I was able to go about my day with no pain and plenty of energy to spare. For anyone looking for period relief that does not involve hormonal birth control, this is truly the answer. I’ll be a customer for life!

More energy

I started MHF on day 1 of my period (14 days ago) and noticed my flow was bright red. I had more energy and no cravings. I have PCOS and 1 Fibroid. Experience painful pelvic pain week before periods, hoping to eliminate.

I am not a fan of the taste. I usually open capsules to consume, however the taste is awful. I've tried in water, mixed in applesauce, and found that it's best to take capsule whole.

Will continue on MHF journey!!!

Life changing

I have endometriosis and I have been suffering with painful periods that send me to the hospital during the times I got off of birth control. So happy to find My Happy Flo to help me lessen my pain and regulate my periods. Definitely would recommend.

Amazing Thus Far!

I have been using My Happy Flo for a couple of weeks now as I have had heavy menstrual bleeding since March 2021. I have fibroids, polyps, and adenomyosis. Since taking the supplements, I have noticed the flow slowing down tremendously especially as of 4 days ago. I am now only spotting and using a liner. This is such a relief. It is my hope that the bleeding stops completely but I will take the spotting for now as this is the most relief I've had in 5 months. Thank you My Happy Flo!