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I am currently transitioning off birth control (dealing with fibroids) and a friend told me to try MyHappyFlo. This month I didn’t even know my period was coming. I had no menstrual cramps or anything. My OBGYN approved of these vitamins saying she loved everything in it especially DIM. I love these vitamins!

Heaven Sent!!!

No more bad cramps!!! Even with my fibroids I'm able to still have a life while on my period. Thank you My Happy Flo 💝💖💖

Used for one month- back for more

Wonderful. I am signing up for the monthly subscription. Thank you, My Happy Flo!

Been taking for a month and can already see some changes to my cycle!!

A lifesaver

I went on a limb and ordered MyHappyFlo because I was desperate. I’ve had irregular periods, severe cramping and craved sweets all my life and nothing was working. I was tired of medication. I started taking these natural supplements and it has helped tremendously. Very little cramps, bloating and sweet cravings have reduced to almost Zero. I have recommended these supplements and will continue to advocate for this brand. THANK YOU!!


My happy flo has truly been a blessing. Initially, I noticed my cycle was worse after trying the product for a couple of weeks but the next cycle I didn’t have any pain and didn’t feel like I was on my cycle. I was waiting each day to feel pain and bloating but it never happened. Thank you my happy Flo, I am a satisfied customer :).

My Happy Flo BFF Bundle (2 Month Supply)
Kelly B (Lanham, US)
Saved My Uterus!!!

I have only been using this product for 2 months and I'm absolutely amazed!!! My OB advised me to have a hysterectomy due to a very large fibroid however I wanted to try this out before making a final decision!! I am sooooo happy I did!! My cycles are lighter, less painful, and more manageable!! I will NEVER go without!! Thank you for saving my uterus!!!

better mood less cramping

my 15 year old takes these religiously! She notices her mood is better and she's not so up and down and also less cramping !

BFF Bundle (60 Day Supply)
Kay Clement (Saint George's, GD)
Amazing Skin

Over the last few months, I've noticed the transformation in my skin, which I believe directly relates to more balanced hormones. The texture of my skin is smoother and appears more plump and hydrated so while I'm still navigating mild cramps each month, I feel confident that once I remain consistent with my daily intake I'll start to see improvements elsewhere.

i normally have heavy extended periods with major cramps and im usually excessively tired BUT ever since i started using this product my pain level has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY!!!! nothing has ever minimized them the way this stuff has. im so grateful and happy that i bought this product! its truly a game changer!! I LOVE IT!!

Great product

I am transitioning from 7 years of birth control. My happy flo has made the transition a smooth one. Less cramps, less mood swings and peaceful.

No more painful periods

This is my fourth bottle, and it works wonders no more bad cramps, bloating and sickness since I started taking them, I will continue to use them


I had my right fallopian tube and ovary removed over a year ago and had been struggling with inconsistent periods ever since. At the time I started MHF I had not had a period in 6 months. I started taking MHF and within 1 month my period returned. I literally cried. I’d talked to my obgyn about hormone replacement but was hesitant and wanted to take some time and research other options. I’m so thankful for these pills. They’ve changed my life! I feel so balanced mood wise. I have hope of getting pregnant again too! If you are thinking of starting MHF, do it, your body will thank you!!


BFF Bundle (60 Day Supply)
Bri M. (San Antonio, US)

For years I’ve dealt with heavy and painful periods, I’ve tried everything but nothing would work ! I’ve only been taking My Happy Flo for a little over a month and a half and the pain level of my period has become way more tolerable each cycle,I’m not bound to the bed like I would typically be since I’ve started My Happy Flo. I can’t wait to reach the goal of a pain free period!

Life Changing!

I’ve been taking these supplements for about 90 days and can honestly say they completely changed my menstrual cycle! I no longer suffer from mood swings and debilitating cramps. My flow is a lot lighter and I can even continue working out during my cycle!

Easing up

Received first shipment almost 60 days ago. Pain used to be excruciating but noticing it is easing up and that time of the month is getting a little less messy. Hoping more time will yield even better results.

PMS and hormonal acne CHANGED

I've been taking these supplements on and off during the past three months. And although I'm inconsistent the results have are there. Before I was suffering through a week of PMS, pain and acne flare-ups. And when my period came along muscle soreness and I hurt everywhere. Everything is much more tolerable now. When I become more consistent in taking these supplements on the daily, I hope my period pain is reduced even more. I feel like I'm recovering much better and I actually have energy which is very helpful.

So Far So Good

I have had 2 cycles since I ordered these vitamins. My periods have definitely been lighter and my hormonal acne is clearing up (unexpected bonus)! The cramps have eased some so I am very optimistic to see how it progresses as I continue to take these.

Best Period of My Life

I started these in March, near the beginning of April. I am used to heavy periods, that last ten days or so. This May was my lightest period ever, no heavy clots, or leaks and it lasted 5 days!

Happy but still evaluating

My frequency has reduced from twice monthly to once monthly. Some pain is still present and the heavy flow is still there as well, but I am happy with it.

Just Grab it Sis

So I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and was looking for some relief to the irregular to nonexistent periods, horrible facial acne, facial hair, and the inability to lose weight. I am only about 45 days into using MyHappyFlo and it has been a game changer for me. I have had my first normal period in almost a year. My skin is clearing up. The scale is no longer stuck and is moving in the right direction. I have been bragging to anyone that I can about this product. We all need this kind of relief.


This product is great my bloating is not that bad for the second month I going to keep taking this product because I have faith it’s going to help me. Thank you

Everyone Woman Needs Happy Flo!

I absolutely love these pills. It’s something about knowing that my body is getting the supplemental support it needs, not just during my monthly cycle, but all month long, that reassures me. I will definitely be ordering again.

BFF Bundle (60 Day Supply)
Tekira Briscoe (Los Angeles, US)
Noticeable improvement

I have had a noticeable improvement of my period. I am not as moody, cramping is very light and my Flo is not as heavy. And most of all, I've had energy. I was able to function and stay awake during the day. These pills are awesome and I plan to keep them in a my routine for a long time.