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Highly Effective

I used to have terrible cramps, bloating, headaches and back pain but on my first cycle after beginning these supplements, my PMS symptoms have almost completely disappeared! I am amazed at the difference and so thankful to add a few more feel-good days to my month.

No pain

After all the years suffering pain every period I trying this for 2 weeks after I got my period no pain 🙏no crumps ! Thank you very much I really appreciated!

I wasn’t expecting it work!

This product is A1! I was having an irregular period due my recent weight gain, and I had been bleeding for several days past my usual 4-5 day frame. I found My Happy Flo and decided that it couldn’t hurt to try, and I’m so glad I did! Over the course of ten days of me taking this supplements consecutively, my period began to lighten up and then stopped. Again, I’m so relieved that I decided to try this product because I didn’t want to have to resort to birth control, given it’s harmful side effects. Thank you so much! 10 out of 10!

Love it!

I’m now experiencing 2 heavy days instead of 4-5 with very minimal clots. This is good considering I used to bleed through my pants.

Simply the best!

I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but after only two months I can honestly say the vitamins are life changing. I used to suffer from severe leg pain during my period and it has completely gone away. I highly recommend this product!

Changed My Life!!!

So... About my period. Since day 1 it’s been super heavy and painful. I’ve dealt with back pain, headaches, PMS, mood swings and cramps that would cause vomiting. Doctors told me this was “normal” and prescribed birth control when I was a teenager. That did nothing but cause me to be nauseous everyday after taking them… so I ditched that plan. Eventually I started layering Excedrin 3 days before my period and 3 days during. Most days, I had to take 2 doses during the day and Excredrin PM at night so I could sleep without pain. Can you imagine what that did to the PH balance of my stomach?? That’s a different story. I knew I had to do something because I wasn’t “growing out” of this. Along came My Happy Flo and after just 2 months of taking the supplement, my cycle has completely changed. No cramps, little to no bloating, no back pain, no mood swings, no breakouts or headaches. My flow is lighter and I’ve been able to live my life as if nothing was going on. Normally, I planned my life around my period and had to say “No” to certain events and activities because I knew I’d be on bed rest. I’m telling everyone I know and sticking to my 2 pills a day from now on 💚 Can’t thank My Happy Flo enough for doing what my doctors couldn’t… Help improve my period


So grateful for a product that has changed how I view my periods. I completely something like this exist. I thought having cramps with my period was a normal thing until I took my happy Flo.


I love this product. In the past my period changed often but I knew when it was coming because I would get the sore breast, cramping and headaches. My periods have been more consistent and PMS symptoms are gone.

I have already liked this product but I was experiencing some difficulties, however with the NEW ingredient I haven’t had ANY issues!!! Lifetime customer here

Where was this pill for the last 20yrs?!

O..m..G! This pill has changed my life!! For over 20 years (I’m 32, having cramps since I was 11-12), I have been dealing with horrible period pain, menstrual cramps that shoot up and down my back, cramps so bad that my legs go numb! So bad that I cramp and have nausea for 2.5 weeks out of EACH month, with the 1st 2 days of my menstrual week keeping me bed ridden/out of work. I’m sure I have endo and the likes but everytime I discuss it with my Drs, they always either ruled it out or just said I was healthy and cramps were natural, but there’s nothing natural about a 111lb women taking 800-1200 ml IBs (because literally a lesser dose would be like poppin candy, worthless), with 500ml Tylenol, nauseous/no appetite to eat with said medication, have a heating pad in the front of my body AND on my back and I’m still in pain??…..I was literally on the “Happy Pill” for 1 WEEK! And I already had NO PAIN during my ovulation week (following wee) and only minimal/regular cramps on my “tough days” (1st-2nd day of cycle). It was nothing like what I’ve always been use to and I’m so happy I was actually able to still get up and live my life (I even went to the gym?!?). I’m so happy to have started this medication, it has been a tremendous help! I’m coming up on my 2nd cycle/month and my cramps/ovulation is already showing a difference/improvement. I truly wish it was around for the last 20yrs but I’m soooo glad it’s here now! I’m a customer for life!


My Happy Flo is life changing. I used to experience severe cramps before and during my period as well as heavy bleeding. Now, I don’t deal with either symptom. Highly recommend this product. In fact, all of my homegirls take MHF too!


I’m going into month 3 of my cycle after using My Happy Flo and let me tell you it’s been a beautiful journey thus far, lighter flow, shorter period and barely any cramps or bloating. I have energy and don’t feel tired like I would before taking these supplements. I am so happy I gave it a chance.

Happy Periods

I love these! As I’ve gotten older, my period are uncomfortable. I don’t feel them much anymore by taking these daily. I started taking these as a result of pain from ovulation as well. It’s very uncomfortable and downright painful some months. This has made it much easier and manageable!


Within 2 weeks of consistency, I noticed a complete difference. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

Great Product

I’ve recently started my Happy Flo journey and I can honestly say, so far so good!


I am thoroughly excited about the longevity of taking this product. I just had a myomectomy, so a happy Flo is much needed.

Best Vitamin Ever

I started my period at 10 years old and it took 30years and discovering My Happy Flow finally find relief.

Amazing product

Really have been seeing a difference in my cycle from little to no cramping and shorter periods. Also, less pms symptoms. Always recommending them to friends!

God Sent

I’ve been taking MHF since August and have not looked back. The experience is like night and day. No cramps, no mood swings, and no heavy bleeding. I can’t say enough about this product!


I have only taken this product for two months but I have noticed a big improvement in cramping issues on the second month. Definitely gonna keep going and watch it get better.

My Happy Flo ~ Plant Based Period Relief Vitamin

Enjoyed so far

My daughter is excited to see improvements with her PMS symptoms!

So far so good

I’ve Been using my happy flow for over a month now and so far so good. I am starting to feel and see a difference in my cycle can’t wait until I hit a two month mark

Thank you!!!

I'm really excited and truly thankful for this product!!!

Great product so far!