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My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Anonymous (West Warwick, US)
Seems to be helping!

I’ve been taking these vitamins for about 4 months now and it does seem to be helping my endo! My periods have been shorter and lighter as well so I’m definitely going to keep using them! I didn’t notice much of a difference at first, but the past 2 months have really seemed better! I think it’s worth giving them a chance if you have painful periods

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Tiffany Taylor (Hartford, US)

God bless the founders; this product is life changing! ❤️

I love My Happy Flo

I love them and I recommend them every chance I get!!

My Happy Flo = FREEDOM!

This supplement has changed my life!! After being on birth control for YEARS (since I was a teenager) to manage debilitating cramps, I was fed up but eager to find a supplement rich with vitamins and nutrients to support a pain-free period. I have found this and more in this supplement. I cannot fully express my sentiments for how this product has given me my life back. Forever grateful!💗✨

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Stephany Rodriguez (Orlando, US)
Changed my LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Story time......

Back in December of 2023 i went to my gyno seeking a solution for my very heavey periods and blood clots that started after my 2nd pregnancy. He recommended birth control and i got the nexplanon . Unfortunately for this device was inserted incorrectly and i ended up having surgery 2 months later to get it removed! Horrible experience. With that said i was soo discouraged and had no hope of finding a solution for my periods. Then my sister found these for me and suggested i should buy it. Im on my second bottle and have already had 2 period on these supplements.... what a difference!!!! First off i suffer from major bloating and this helped eliminate my bloating. I cant even remember the last time i woke up with a flat stomach and these pills have helped tremendously in that area. Next i have noticed a huge difference in my mood. I just feel like im nicer in the mornings now... probably because of no bloated, it really makes me super irritable. Also my periods usually last 6 days and i noticed by day 5 no more bleeding. My periods used to be a very thick deep dark color red and now it has a bright red color almost water like consistency. And last thing i believe my acne that developed after my second pregnancy was hormonal because since being on these pills my face has cleared up!!! I cant even believe im writing this because when you have delt with these problems for soo long its almost like you get used to all these terrible symptoms but its unbelievable that a simple supplement can make such a difference. Im shocked hostetly. If your thinking about buying just do it. You have nothing to loose!

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Jessica Roberts (Charlotte, US)
So far so good!

I started taking My Happy Flo back in October 2023 because I was having uncontrollable menstrual flow, fibroids and unwanted facial hair. Right now, my flow is less and my facial hair is not growing as quickly.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Kamara Tramble (Sunnyvale, US)
I'm happy with the vitamins

I have been taking the vitamins for about 6 months. I'm hopeful it is helping, I have fibroids and long periods, so its been hard to tell if the vitamins are helping. I seem to bleed all the time. Also I am 47 and probably premenopausal.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Carlene Coley (Washington, US)
Cramps where?

I love taking My happy Flo. I've noticed a difference with each period

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Candis Cayona (Port of Spain, TT)
God sent product

I have been using this product for the best of 30 days and into the 3rd week of use, my period came. The week before my period I am usually low on energy, very crampy, etc. This time, while I had cramps cuz it was only three weeks, I noticed I was significantly less bloated and I went through my period smoother. My flow was very different. By day 4, I was sailing. I have noticed very positive changes in my mood too. My partner is happy about that. :-) I will definitely be taking this on rotation until....great product!!!!


great product. you won't go wrong....purchase the product

Get it, it works

Took about 2 cycles for me to see relief, but I did. Less cramping for sure, overall lighter flow after the 2nd day. Drastically changed my flow after 4 cycles and I also saw a decrease in headaches. It works. Get it.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Lakisha Burrise (San Diego, US)
Life changing!

I’ve suffered from painful periods for about 20 years, I have not had to take any painkillers during my period for the past few months since I’ve taking these vitamins…. I forget my period is even coming now.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Mom on the go! (Tampa, US)
So far so good

I am hoping this will help with my fibroids. But so far my mood is great and I have more energy.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Shamara (North Hollywood, US)

I could feel the difference in my PMS symptoms immediately. I received my first bottle about 10 days before my cycle began and could still tell that the pills were working. It's since been two months and I hardly notice any breast tenderness which was so painful beforehand. My hormones are much more balanced, I can feel the difference!

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Sue-Ann Thompson (Kelowna, CA)

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Sarah Hall (Atlanta, US)
They help!

It’s been 4 months of taking these and my periods are definitely more regular. I have not had a period longer than a week. When I started taking these I was on week 3 of bleeding and was looking into fibroid surgery options. Seems to be working!

It’s really working!!

My period is doing much better. It is not a magic bullet. Your diet and lifestyle will still affect your outcomes. But I can’t live without my happy Flo!

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Brenda Dugue (Boca Raton, US)
I feel better!

I had a lot of symptoms. I’m so much better now.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Ranika Smith (Atlanta, US)
I'm so happy about my purchase

My whole life I've never had a regular cycle. Now that I consistently take My happy flow. It's like clockwork and it's painless. I get less cravings and have more energy. Thank you My happy flow.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Felicia Hilton (West Chester, US)
Happy period

Since I started My Happy Flo noticed less cramps and my Flo more lighter not heavy anymore that’s a big plus 👍🏽😮‍💨

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Tracy Green (Clinton, US)
My Happy Flo

I truly love My Happy Flo .I've been taking these for about 2 months now .They give me great energy and give me a great boost!!! 5 stars!!!

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Blondi Petitfrere (Miami, US)
Bad experience

Been taking this product for 3 months.. Gave me bad clots bleeding last 10days
I stop taking them

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Teresa Mullen (Hyde Park, US)
Absolutely the best!

I’m so happy I found these vitamins. Definitely would recommend them.

My Happy Flo ~ Period Relief Vitamins
Nidhi Shrivastava (Shelton, US)
Life changing!

I have been transitioning off my birth control after taking it for a decade, and had been having heavy bleeding and clots since December. I came across it desperate in my second cycle. Since then, it has reduced it to 10 days and I couldn’t have been happier. I wish medical practices would recommend these vitamins to anyone coming off birth control as it is a god sent! I am a customer for life!☺️ once my cycles begin regulating, I will also see if I can switch to prenatal or if I can take them alongside prenatals. Thank you!! I have already recommended it to so many women who are struggling with periods.