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Game changer!

So grateful to have found this blend. Me and my daughters are using it regularly. Ive noticed a change in energy levels and menstrual discomforts. Especially the usual stomach upset… I don’t have that any more.

Ordering more now!

So Far so Good

I suffer from fibroids and adenomyoma I was able to take supplements for 3 weeks before my cycle no cramps started and didn’t feel it! The flow is still heavy but I’m hopeful that if i continue with supplements make some nutrition changes and I started exercising I can avoid the hysterectomy. We have to remember the problem didn’t happen over night so we have to allow some time to heal and correct

Magic in a Bottle🪄

MyHappyFlo is truly magic in a bottle! Like many reviews, I experienced the effects during my 1st bottle. I've always had bad cramps and heavy periods, and I was always prescribed birth control as a result. It helped with cramping but never the heaviness. I've been off birth control for years so I've still been suffering. In the middle of my 1st bottle of MyHappyFlo, I got my period and for the first time, maybe ever, I was able to sleep throughout the night without having to wake up to tend to my overflowing period! It was such a shocking relief that I DM'd Necole immediately. I've had no cramping, lighter periods, and sleeping through the night without fear of bleeding through my PJs. I'm placing my second order right after posting this review. Believe the hype - It really is that life changing.

Loving it so far

It's only my first month, so I'm really looking forward to how I feel after some time. I'm honestly just glad to know that I'm taking a supplement for my period that also contains vitamins and nutrients that are helpful for overall health and well being. I also saw Nicole post about insulin retention & added the supplement she recommend. It feels good to know that I'm doing something good for my body. I haven't had the terrible mood swings and PMS madness that I usually experience, so I know that it's already working!

Game changer, life saver!

What a difference a month makes! My period has been, like clockwork but RECKless my entire life. I was diagnosed with fibroids in 2016 after my first pregnancy and subsequent loss which made me really look into bettering my reproductive health taking supplements, teas and changing my diet. I had a myomectomy in 2017 to remove a grapefruit size fibroid and thankfully my second pregnancy made it to full term and I had no fibroid growth, however, my cycle was off once it returned after breastfeeding for over 2 yrs. My doctor prescribed birth control (my first time taking it ever) and it wrecked me - cramps, bloating, mood swings and erratic bleeding ALL MONTH. I stopped taking the pill after 4 months and found your product. Since taking My Happy Flo my pms symptoms have been milder, cramps are less painful, I can feel my ovulation again and my cycle is back to 28 days! I have recommended these to all of my girlfriends because we all deserve a Happy Flo. Thank you for developing such a great product!

Great product

Love this product!

Excellent Product

Noticed a big change In my energy and period flow. Little to no cramps…unbelievable! Thank you for this miracle in a bottle.


One cycle and so much difference. No pain, no mood swings. Forever customer!

A gift for someone else

I purchased this as a gift for someone. They have let me know that so far they are happy and believe they have noticed a change in the first 30 days


These supplements are the real deal, normally I suffer from horrible PMS that can be as long as two weeks. Since I started these, PMS is down to a few days with minimal bloating and minor breakouts. I love these.

Game changer

I just start on this journey. However, when I had my cycle I didn’t feel bloated or yucky! No major clotting either! It felt like a regular day!
Please don’t change a thing.

Appreciate the focus and care that has been put into this product. So excited to see the results when my period comes this month.

Subscription, please!

These daily vitamins have improved my relationship with my period tremendously. I wish they had a subscription plan because I never want to live without My Happy Flo ever again!

Less painful periods

Since starting Happyflo I don’t clot as much and I don’t have as much period pain.

No cramps

I’ve had no period cramps, and I’m almost done with 2 bottles. I’m hoping that my pms cravings and symptoms will calm down as well.

New supply

I’ve only started taking this product a few weeks ago and so far I believe it has helped my period. I haven’t experienced my normal painful cramps and my cycle was short lived so I’ll definitely continue to use!

Miracle in a bottle

A few years ago I was told by my OB that I had adenomyosis, which was the cause of my painful monthly cycle. This coupled with fibroids made me fear getting my period. According to the doctor, birth control was the only way to manage the cycle and it helped but we all know how dangerous BC’s are and after being on them for a few years, I decided I know longer wanted to take them. I made this decision at the same time I saw Necole marketing these on Instagram and decided to give a try. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Minimal cramping and manageable flow, omg, miracle in a bottle. I am a forever customer. Thank you for creating these! Please don’t change the formula.


For the past 5 or 6 years I have had extremely heavy periods. I suffer from fibroids and while my cycle isn't painful, it's an uncomfortable mess. I've had to wear all black just in case there is leakage. I've used this supplement since it was released and my cycle has gotten significantly lighter. I'm not soaking through tampons in an hour anymore. I have more energy because my flow is lighter. I've waited to post this review because I wanted months of proof that they work. And they do!

Everything changed!

I started taking my happy flo about two weeks before my cycle started. I don’t have any breast tenderness, bloating or crazy increase in cravings the way I normally do. I ended up contracting Covid the same week my cycle started and I didn’t even notice it. I was so afraid the experience was going to be hell for me and I’ve been able to stay home and recover without feeling the usual horrible lethargy I always have during my period. I’m staying on these supplements!


No regrets purchasing this, my horrible period symptoms eg cramps have gone completely.

Happier Flo :-)

Although I've only been taking the product for about two weeks, my recent cycle was much more manageable in terms of mood, energy levels and overall flow despite suffering with fibroids. As a result, I've already started recommending the product. I'm hoping that I'll have even greater results as I continue using the product.


Nicole was right. These vitamins really make a difference. It's only been 1 month and my period is already less tragic. Lol! Thanks Necole.

Good Bye Birth Control Pills!

I used to take birth control pills to help with regulation and my flow. A friend of mine shared My Happy Flo with me two months ago and I decided to give it a try. I'm just about done with the second bottle and have already noticed a difference in my flow and cramps. As far as regulation goes, it looks as though it's helping with that as well! My period has come every 23/24 days. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next two cycles will bring!


My periods are lighter with less clotting. I’m so surprised by how much more manageable they are now since taking My Happy Flo. It feels too good to be true but it WORKS!

Miracle in a bottle!

I’ve taken MHF for one month. I’ve had an IUD for 3 years and am experiencing way more symptoms than ever since the start of the 3rd year. Mood swings really bad, cramping, breast hurting and lack of energy. This is the only thing I’ve changed in my regime and it’s been a night and day difference for me. I don’t feel like a raging lunatic when my menses is starting, way more energy throughout the day (tried so many different things for this one) and my breast are barely sore. I have been putting everybody on and will truly be a lifetime customer.