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Life Changing

My happy flo has been a God send for me. I recently had a myomectomy surgery September 2022 and started using my happy flo in December 2022. This pill has truly changed my monthly cycle experience, from severe bleeding, cramping to no pain and light flow. Absolutely love how it has changed my life for the better!

A Staple

My Happy Flo supplements continue to be a staple in my health and wellness regimen!

It’s working

My cycle is shorter. I love these pills lol

Cycle cut in half

I'll be taking these until I hit menopause. My cycle used to be 7-8 days, with heavy flow, and cramps. With these supplements, my cycle is 4 days with no heavy flow or cramps. So thankful!

No Cramps / Better Mood

Been taking these for 2 months cramps has gotten so much better

No cramps before period.

Before My Happy Flo. I was having cramps several days before my period even began. Now I have minimal cramps the first couple of days only. Love it!

Satisfied Customer

I have been taking these for four months and I love them! I no longer have to alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen around the clock for the first three days. No pain meds and light flow.

Better Period!

I’ve taken MyHappyFlo for the past 4 months and I couldn’t be happier with how things are shifting! Periods are on time and flow has decreased!🙌🏽

MyHappyFlo makes me HAPPY!!!

I love myhappyflo! Ever since I started taking these supplements my health is better, my periods are better and I have more energy! I am so happy I started taking them and I will always take them!!!

I can’t live without it!

MHF is absolutely the best! I budget for it because it’s just so helpful for me! I tried to go off of it for 2 months and It got really bad for me. I will continue to use and also tell others about it. Thank you 😊

My Happy Flo is life changing!

I have struggled with iron for some time and I’ve tried other multi-vitamins & products. My iron has raised 11 points because of MHF and my mood is elevated. This product is a must!

That’s what I get…..

I am skeptical about most things found on the web these days, so it took me a while to make this purchase. I researched the ingredients, read the reviews, watched the IG posts, and compared to other similar products on the market before I decided to give them a try. Started a few weeks before my period and wanted to see if they really worked. Now I’m sitting here with my period approaching, bloated, with hormonal acne, and sore boobs because I didn’t place a second order. They worked! They really really worked! My period never gave me issues until I reached 35. I started having heavy periods, bad cramps, bad breakouts on my chin, and cravings. When I tell you in just the time it took me to deplete one bottle, my period did a 360. My most notable improvement is that my usually 5 day period was only 3 days. Didn’t have any breakouts or severe cramps that left me bedridden. My Happy Flo is the truth and now I’m back to subscribe and keep them coming every month. That’s what I get for being skeptical & not subscribing at that time. 🤣. I’ve told all my girl friends that are my age that they are a must.

Free At Last

This product was gifted to me for my birthday 4 months ago and within 2 weeks of taking My Happy Flow my next cycle was a completely different experience. Cramps are gone, fatigue is gone, color is brighter, fibroids are not hurting and now I don't even know when my cycle is coming because there is no pain. It feels so good to know that somebody has got it right when it comes to finally addressing the needs of women all over the world. "My Flow is Happy Fo Show" 😊


I have been using My Happy Flo for about 3 months. My PMS symptoms have greatly reduced, little to no cramping, little to no craving, decreased migraines. less acne. I often don't realize my period is coming until I look at a calendar. So far so great! I am hoping with more time my periods will also change. Definitely recommend.


this supplement was exactly what i needed. i was suffering with pmdd; extreme dips in mood, intense anxiety, and increasingly painful periods. after just a couple months i feel balanced. grateful for myhappyflo!!

It Works

Give it a try, it works. I don’t have bad periods (mood swings, not bad pains) & it works 4 me. Others that I know that have really bad periods, it definitely works.

100% Relief

I've never experienced a light, calm cycle. This is peace in a bottle. I've received prescription meds from my doctor that didn't work. Words will never be able to express my sincere gratitude for My Happy Flo! A total game changer for menstrual cycles! ❤❤❤

So far so good

I have been taking MHF supplements for a little over month and I can see a difference in my mood and energy. I will keep track of how this supplement affect my menstrual cycle as I have just took myself off of BC and waiting for my period to regulate.

Game Changer

I'm 43 years old and my period has always been the worst part of the month. Once I hit my 40s, I thought I was doomed for it to get worse. I would joke and say that my uterus was trying to escape my body in the worst way and my rage level could get me arrested. And then I heard about My Happy Flo on a podcast and I am SO GRATEFUL. I've been taking it since October and my cycle hasn't been this manageable since I was on birth control in my 20s. Every month gets a little easier. I am not nearly as moody and grumpy, my cramps and low back pain have significantly decreased, and I have definitely felt like the volume is much lighter. It's still a heavy flow the first day and a half, but before My Happy Flo, it was SUPER heavy (like changing Super Plus every 2 hours) for at least 2 days and lasted 5-6 days. Now it's about 4-5 days. I have shared this with other women in peri menapause, and my friend said to me after 1 month "GAME CHANGER". Thank you so much!!!

Great Product

I have a heavy cycle and I notice an change will continue to use. Will try for 3 months

Missing Piece

I was looking for the final piece of my search for my monthly cycle blues. I was doing all of the things like exercising, eating healthy, proper rest, and taking my supplements. Still 2 weeks out of the month I would have the symptoms of my cycle before it actually arrived. Now I like me! No bloating, no crazy cravings, mood has stabilized, and energy, I got my daughter a bottle and she is experiencing positive results. They work!

Game Changer

I noticed a difference within the first month. My migraines all but disappeared, and I had so much more energy. I can only imagine what benefits I’ll reap in the coming months!

Won't go without it

I am about to order my 3rd bottle and it's safe to say, I won't go without this stuff again. I suffer from fibroids and have gad surgery but, they came back! I'm in the process of naturally shrinking them. Although, I have no idea what I'm doing, I truly believe what I am doing is working! I have a line up of supplements that I take on a daily basis one of which is My Happy Flo. I am going to do a scan in 30 days and I will update my review:) The only thing I will say ladies, is be careful with this stuff if your not looking to conceive!


This is a great supplement to regulate your hormones and get your period in control. I’ve been taking them for 2 full months and definitely see a difference. Don’t think about it try it out now sis! Your body will thank you


I have been taking My Happy Flo for 3 months now and I have noticed my cramps have lessened! I’m very happy with this product!