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First Cycle

I've only been taking happy flo for 2wks, but I can definitely tell they're working. I normally have major discomfort and cramps during ovulation, but noticed a significant decrease in discomfort recently. My regular cycle is scheduled to come on this week and so far I've experienced little to no PMS!! I'm waiting to see how my first cycle since starting the vitamins will be, but so far I'm happy with the changes I've noticed in the stages leading up to it!

Life Changing

I had been suffering from premenstrual migraines for a long time. My doctor suggested birth control and that did not work. My sister suggested I give this a try. After almost a month, I’m happy to report I didn’t get any migraines this month.


I was having extreme mood issues and other problems. I began my happy flo and felt the difference in a weeks time, and my cycle came smoothly for the first time in years. Talk about regulation!!!! I’m a subscriber now!!!

Life Saver!

At first, I really couldn’t tell the difference with the vitamin except not getting a migraine. After not taking these for a month, I was able to spot MANY differences. Definitely coming back to actually purchase a subscription because my cycle was horrifying after not having this in my system.

First Try

My periods are so heavy that I wear depends for the duration of it. Sometimes I’ll have to go to the ER. I also have fibroids. I took Happy flo 10 days prior to my period. My period came & my flow was not heavy at all. I had no cramps either. This works!! I’m a customer for life

First time!

I'm almost done with my first bottle and I can say already see the change in my mood and digestion! My emotions haven't been all over the place like there were when I was prescribed birth control pills in May 2022. I started taking these vitamins the day after I stopped taking birth control, so seeing results with cramping/bleeding will take time. Drinking the right amount of water is key. I'm really happy I was lead to this vitamin and I will continue to take it!

Loving it so far!!

Loving my happy flo so far!!! I’m a few weeks in and I can already tell a difference in how I feel! I’m taking for fibroids and to help shorten my periods so I’m super excited to see how this works! I’ll do a follow up review in a few weeks. Thanks so much for this product!!!

Just getting started

I’ve been taking these vitamins for a few weeks for pms mood symptoms. I’ve already noticed an improvement in my emotionality during this time and look forward to continued improvement over time.

Cramps decreased

I've only been taken the vitamins for less than a month. This was my first cycle on the pills and I noticed my cramps wasn't as bad.

Definitely worth it

I tried the vitamins when they first came out and quit after one month. Didn’t really give it time to work. I’ve been back on for two months and it has helped tremendously. No breakthrough bleeding, less pain and less acne during my cycle. Will continue them because it is way better than BC.

Great option

I had been talking BC for about 8 months for my fibroids however, I hated how BC made me feel and was unable to lose any weight. I started these pills about a month ago and can say that I feel better in my day to day life. I still need to give it time to see a change in my cycle but overall, I recommend this product.

Less cramps

This was my first period while taking my happy flo vitamins. It hasn't been a full month but I definitely had less painful cramps and no breast tenderness. I was hoping it helped with the heavy flow. Bit I know that's attributed to NY fibroids. I'm willing to keep taking them and hopefully it'll only get better.


I’ve been taking these for 30 days and it’s a noticeable difference. My period was MUCH better this month. My PMS was 10x better. I had more energy, no brain fog, no cramping, and no bloating. I wish I would’ve known about these sooner. I’m telling everyone I know about these vitamins. It’s a must have!

So far so good!

Got my 2nd period a few days ago since starting my vitamins about a month ago. Zero cramps and a SUPER light flow which still has me wondering and waiting!!! Ordering a 3 month bundle tonight because this is a God send!!

Possibly working after a month!

Def noticed less emotional lability with my cycle. I am very interested to see how the next few months go!

I’ve been using MyHappyFlo for a month now and noticed a difference with my recent cycle. My cramps aren't as intense and my flow isn't as heavy! I cant wait to see how much everything continue to improve after longer use.


I was on birth control for years due to debilitating cramps and experienced numerous side effects (including hair loss!). I’ve been taking MyHappyFlo for nearly three months now and I’ve already experienced a significant decrease in severity of my cramps (unfortunately I still have them for now) and I’m less irritable than I was when on birth control.

Absolutely works!

I have suffered period cramps my whole life and these vitamins saved my life. Thank you!

Sis we have been saved!!

I noticed more energy. I have not had my period yet since starting my first bottle but I know it will be lit...in a good way!!


These pills are a blessing, my mood is better, my periods are more regular, everything is better, if you have not, go ahead and get them, you will not regret it.

Breast Pain Gone

I have been having mittelschmerz aka ovulation pain for decades. I also have a lot of PMS issues. My breast would swell and be so painful and heavy that it was hard to function and sleep. Once I started taking MHF consistently, my breast pain went away as did the constant pelvic pain. I can’t thank MHF enough for making this vitamin. Looking forward to seeing what other changes happen during month 2 :)

Pleasantly surprised

I was referred to your company by a friend and it’s truly changed my life. I’ve only just started this past month but I can feel a drastic difference in my overall mood and ability to manage my emotions. I definitely even feel a difference on the days that I forget to take it. It’s crazy to me that it’s had such a positive affect in such a short time.

Works!!! (even with taking plan b)

So I had a mishap (as most of us have probably experienced) and had to take a plan b so i decided to keep taking my happy flo and my period still came on the same time which was great as I wasn't sure if it would alter my cycle days. great results so far with my cycle now on a regular monthly flow, i know now when it's coming. the only thing i haven't experienced is improvement in bloating and cramps but given what it's done to regulate some aspects it's well worth it. i will continue to take it in hopes that the bloating and cramps will soon go away or subside.

Slow Improvement

I've been taking My Happy Flo for about four months now. I'm noticing an overall lightening of many of my PMS symptoms, but I definitely haven't seen as significant or fast of results as it sounds like others have experienced. I am not a person to take pain relievers for every little thing - I would be fine with a bit of discomfort. Since taking this every day for the last few months, my cramps aren't lasting as long or as severe as before but they are still bad enough that I need to take ibuprofen for the entire first day of my period. I had been hoping that this supplement would lighten up the cramps enough for me to not need pain relievers just to function but so far that's not the case. For other symptoms there has been even less drastic change - I'm still bloating and feeling fatigued and irritable, just to a slightly lesser degree. The biggest difference I've noticed is an increase in energy. I'm giving it another couple of months to see if there is more significant improvement before I decide to continue. Given I've had any results at all is a good indicator that it could help other people a lot, which is why I'm keeping a high rating. It's definitely worth trying and the ingredients are solid so I would still recommend to other folks looking for potential alternatives!

Phenomenal Improvement

Bought 2mos supply for my 17yr old daughter to try. She's always had irregular periods, mood swings, acne, & severe cramps. We saw a phenomenal improvement after only 3wks! Her moods are more even, Her acne has almost completely cleared up & she hasn't suffered with all the pain she endured before. She told me she didn't realize how massively out of balance her hormones were until she started taking My Happy Flo. Thank you. Seeing my daughter look & feel better, not being governed by painful periods, hormones & emotions means the world to me as a mom. Added bonus, other people have noticed it too!