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So Far So Good

I have had 2 cycles since I ordered these vitamins. My periods have definitely been lighter and my hormonal acne is clearing up (unexpected bonus)! The cramps have eased some so I am very optimistic to see how it progresses as I continue to take these.

Best Period of My Life

I started these in March, near the beginning of April. I am used to heavy periods, that last ten days or so. This May was my lightest period ever, no heavy clots, or leaks and it lasted 5 days!

Happy but still evaluating

My frequency has reduced from twice monthly to once monthly. Some pain is still present and the heavy flow is still there as well, but I am happy with it.

Just Grab it Sis

So I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and was looking for some relief to the irregular to nonexistent periods, horrible facial acne, facial hair, and the inability to lose weight. I am only about 45 days into using MyHappyFlo and it has been a game changer for me. I have had my first normal period in almost a year. My skin is clearing up. The scale is no longer stuck and is moving in the right direction. I have been bragging to anyone that I can about this product. We all need this kind of relief.


This product is great my bloating is not that bad for the second month I going to keep taking this product because I have faith it’s going to help me. Thank you

Everyone Woman Needs Happy Flo!

I absolutely love these pills. It’s something about knowing that my body is getting the supplemental support it needs, not just during my monthly cycle, but all month long, that reassures me. I will definitely be ordering again.

Noticeable improvement

I have had a noticeable improvement of my period. I am not as moody, cramping is very light and my Flo is not as heavy. And most of all, I've had energy. I was able to function and stay awake during the day. These pills are awesome and I plan to keep them in a my routine for a long time.

No more pain

I've been taking My Happy Flo since Dec 2022. No more cramps, no more bloating, and more energy. My periods are easier to deal with. By day 4 my period is light and manageable.

Hormone Balance

I utilized my first bottle and seems to be helping balance out my hormones! Im excited for my next bottle!

A Blessing in a Bottle

I love everything about this product, Painless Cycle. Now it sneaks up on me and I don’t even realize it’s on. Don’t think twice about it just purchase it you won’t be disappointed! Customer for life! 😇

A work in progress

Only been taking a month not to sure how to feel

So glad I found this multivitamin

After taking it for almost 4 months, my flows are lighter and more tolerable. My mood is also much better. No more mood swings!

We want more!

I love the product, I can feel the difference it makes. And I've made a convert sharing it with my sister. But it's just the beginning! Unfortunately we live in Canada, France and Côte d'Ivoire. And it's difficult to get our hands on MHF when you don't live in the USA. For example the subscription option isn't available, even from Canada. And with the import taxes, I can only afford buying 2 or 3 bottles at a time, and only when it's at least 15% off. I really hope you manage to get distributors worldwide cause you'll have loyal customers for life with all the women in my family! Keep up the good work though. Thanks

Love My Happy Flo!

This is my one and only favourite supplement! I have been using it for almost two years and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am. Not only are my periods shorter, they’re pretty much close to being pain-free, no more migraines, no horrible debilitating back pains, and adult acne is a distant memory. I hope this business continues to thrive and that they are blessed to grow their product line & education on women’s health exponentially. Thank MHF! You’ve got a forever customer all the from Canada right here!

Giving it time

My period pain has not been as intense but wanting to see more results from it, I’m on month 2 with the product but wanting to give it more time, will be buying another bottle

Definitely Life Changer

I was diagnosed with PCOS, which resulted in heavy bleeding, longer period duration, and unbearable cramping. I was told my only option was to go on birth control to fix these symptoms. Prayers were definitely answered by God, when my cousin referred me to try My Happy Flo!!! After only a few short weeks, my period was lighter, shorter and pain free completely!! Thank you so much for creating a product that we all desperately need!!! I'll definitely continue referring all my friends and family to My Happy Flo.

We’re getting there!

On month 2 of happy flo. I have noticed a change in my mood and feel like I have more energy during the day, I love that! My cramps during ovulation and period are still there, but not as bad!! Which I’m thankful for! As I continue taking happy flo I’m hopeful they will decrease! Definitely has lightened and shortened my flow for sure! :) overall I’m very pleased and will continue to take them!

Life Changing

My happy flo has been a God send for me. I recently had a myomectomy surgery September 2022 and started using my happy flo in December 2022. This pill has truly changed my monthly cycle experience, from severe bleeding, cramping to no pain and light flow. Absolutely love how it has changed my life for the better!

A Staple

My Happy Flo supplements continue to be a staple in my health and wellness regimen!

It’s working

My cycle is shorter. I love these pills lol

Cycle cut in half

I'll be taking these until I hit menopause. My cycle used to be 7-8 days, with heavy flow, and cramps. With these supplements, my cycle is 4 days with no heavy flow or cramps. So thankful!

No Cramps / Better Mood

Been taking these for 2 months cramps has gotten so much better

No cramps before period.

Before My Happy Flo. I was having cramps several days before my period even began. Now I have minimal cramps the first couple of days only. Love it!

Satisfied Customer

I have been taking these for four months and I love them! I no longer have to alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen around the clock for the first three days. No pain meds and light flow.

Better Period!

I’ve taken MyHappyFlo for the past 4 months and I couldn’t be happier with how things are shifting! Periods are on time and flow has decreased!🙌🏽