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this supplement was exactly what i needed. i was suffering with pmdd; extreme dips in mood, intense anxiety, and increasingly painful periods. after just a couple months i feel balanced. grateful for myhappyflo!!

It Works

Give it a try, it works. I don’t have bad periods (mood swings, not bad pains) & it works 4 me. Others that I know that have really bad periods, it definitely works.

100% Relief

I've never experienced a light, calm cycle. This is peace in a bottle. I've received prescription meds from my doctor that didn't work. Words will never be able to express my sincere gratitude for My Happy Flo! A total game changer for menstrual cycles! ❤❤❤

So far so good

I have been taking MHF supplements for a little over month and I can see a difference in my mood and energy. I will keep track of how this supplement affect my menstrual cycle as I have just took myself off of BC and waiting for my period to regulate.

Game Changer

I'm 43 years old and my period has always been the worst part of the month. Once I hit my 40s, I thought I was doomed for it to get worse. I would joke and say that my uterus was trying to escape my body in the worst way and my rage level could get me arrested. And then I heard about My Happy Flo on a podcast and I am SO GRATEFUL. I've been taking it since October and my cycle hasn't been this manageable since I was on birth control in my 20s. Every month gets a little easier. I am not nearly as moody and grumpy, my cramps and low back pain have significantly decreased, and I have definitely felt like the volume is much lighter. It's still a heavy flow the first day and a half, but before My Happy Flo, it was SUPER heavy (like changing Super Plus every 2 hours) for at least 2 days and lasted 5-6 days. Now it's about 4-5 days. I have shared this with other women in peri menapause, and my friend said to me after 1 month "GAME CHANGER". Thank you so much!!!

Great Product

I have a heavy cycle and I notice an change will continue to use. Will try for 3 months

Missing Piece

I was looking for the final piece of my search for my monthly cycle blues. I was doing all of the things like exercising, eating healthy, proper rest, and taking my supplements. Still 2 weeks out of the month I would have the symptoms of my cycle before it actually arrived. Now I like me! No bloating, no crazy cravings, mood has stabilized, and energy, I got my daughter a bottle and she is experiencing positive results. They work!

Game Changer

I noticed a difference within the first month. My migraines all but disappeared, and I had so much more energy. I can only imagine what benefits I’ll reap in the coming months!

Won't go without it

I am about to order my 3rd bottle and it's safe to say, I won't go without this stuff again. I suffer from fibroids and have gad surgery but, they came back! I'm in the process of naturally shrinking them. Although, I have no idea what I'm doing, I truly believe what I am doing is working! I have a line up of supplements that I take on a daily basis one of which is My Happy Flo. I am going to do a scan in 30 days and I will update my review:) The only thing I will say ladies, is be careful with this stuff if your not looking to conceive!


This is a great supplement to regulate your hormones and get your period in control. I’ve been taking them for 2 full months and definitely see a difference. Don’t think about it try it out now sis! Your body will thank you


I have been taking My Happy Flo for 3 months now and I have noticed my cramps have lessened! I’m very happy with this product!


Great purchase! I feel much lighter each month.


I’ve noticed huge difference on my second cycle. I could do a lot more and less fatigue. Will be more consistent next year!

Miracle Worker

Amazing!! No longer are the days of sore breasts and PMS. My period days are shorter (from 5 to 3). This is a great product!!!

Experienced Positive Results Quickly

I started taking MHF about 2 weeks before my cycle started and I already saw positive results within that short time frame. Although the first two days of my period were still on the heavy side, I did not experience any ovulation pain or aggressive PMS (I was still sensitive, but not irritable). I also experienced a nice boost of energy. I'm now in my second month and have become a subscriber. Still monitoring. Looking forward to more positive results!

So much happier...

I began taking these in mid- October of this year. Like any new product, I was skeptical and unsure if this would work. Because of the good reviews, I decided to give this a try. My first period after the vitamins in November was honestly terrible; major cramping, bloating and heavy bleeding. I decided to keep taking them as per the pamphlet, it may take up to 2 cycles to be effective. My 2nd period rolled around this week and I feel completely different. It's working! I experienced no PMS symptoms this month and no cramping. I've never been happy during my period. I'm not your usual review writer but I definitely wanted to share my story with this product to convince those who are having second thoughts. This is your sign to add them to your cart now !

18 Years of Painful Periods Now OVER!

Thank you so much for creating this magical supplement. I literally used to be so uncomfortable and fatigued during my time of the month and it was so depressing. It got to the point where I felt literally trapped in my own body for 3 days. After a month and a half of taking My Happy Flo, I was pleasantly SHOCKED when for the first time in 18 years my pads weren't soaked through and I could function through my day and I could also move around without feeling like death (literally). Thank you so much. I did not know this was possible for me and I will be purchasing more ASAP!

Who knew?!!

I am finishing my first bottle of MHF and wow! Who knew that the “normal” cycle symptoms Ive accepted for the last 30+ years weren’t normal at all?!? I will now be signing up for a subscription…this formula worked for me

No complaints

I used the product for 2 weeks before my period and did notice that cramping was significantly reduced.

First Cycle

I've only been taking happy flo for 2wks, but I can definitely tell they're working. I normally have major discomfort and cramps during ovulation, but noticed a significant decrease in discomfort recently. My regular cycle is scheduled to come on this week and so far I've experienced little to no PMS!! I'm waiting to see how my first cycle since starting the vitamins will be, but so far I'm happy with the changes I've noticed in the stages leading up to it!

Life Changing

I had been suffering from premenstrual migraines for a long time. My doctor suggested birth control and that did not work. My sister suggested I give this a try. After almost a month, I’m happy to report I didn’t get any migraines this month.


I was having extreme mood issues and other problems. I began my happy flo and felt the difference in a weeks time, and my cycle came smoothly for the first time in years. Talk about regulation!!!! I’m a subscriber now!!!

Life Saver!

At first, I really couldn’t tell the difference with the vitamin except not getting a migraine. After not taking these for a month, I was able to spot MANY differences. Definitely coming back to actually purchase a subscription because my cycle was horrifying after not having this in my system.

First Try

My periods are so heavy that I wear depends for the duration of it. Sometimes I’ll have to go to the ER. I also have fibroids. I took Happy flo 10 days prior to my period. My period came & my flow was not heavy at all. I had no cramps either. This works!! I’m a customer for life

First time!

I'm almost done with my first bottle and I can say already see the change in my mood and digestion! My emotions haven't been all over the place like there were when I was prescribed birth control pills in May 2022. I started taking these vitamins the day after I stopped taking birth control, so seeing results with cramping/bleeding will take time. Drinking the right amount of water is key. I'm really happy I was lead to this vitamin and I will continue to take it!