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All things period

My Happy Flo Period Relief

My Happy Flo Gets An Upgrade!

By Necole Kane

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – My Happy Flo, your period's BFF, has leveled up! We've reformulated our product with better ingredients, ensuring you receive...

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How 5 Men Are Showing Up For Their Partners On Their Period

How 5 Men Are Showing Up For Their Partners On Their Period

By My Happy Flo

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to honor  the special  humans that make our time of the month that much easier. The submissions to our Valentine’s...

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Victoria Period Pain Relief My Happy Flo Endometriosis Symptoms

Victoria's Journey From Painful Periods To Conceiving A Miracle Baby

By Racquel Coral

Victoria's story of debilitating endometriosis periods that made her vomit for hours, to ditching birth control and conceiving a miracle baby with the help of My Happy Flo

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My Happy Flo Customer Testimonial Review

Christini's Journey From Divorcing Her Pain To Loving Her Period

By Racquel Coral

From discomfort to ending the cycle of painful cycles, Christini shares how her world has stopped feeling like it was ending and is on its way to a beautiful new...

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