Our Story

I'm so honored that you are here! My Happy Flo is my labor of love.


Hi, It’s Necole here! Most of you know me from my former celebrity blogging days or even as the founder of xoNecole.com, but of all the work I’ve done, this is the most important to me, and I want to share why...

My parents deaths at the age of 41 and 42 from illnesses that were caused by poor nutrition and lack of education really was the catalyst for me venturing into a holistic health journey at the age of 35. As I dove into certification courses in nutrition and hormone health, I started seeing a common link between our menstrual cycles, the development of fibroids, breast cancer (which my mom died from) and our overall health as women. I was mind blown by the statistics that estimate over 80 percent of black women will be diagnosed with fibroids by the age of 50, and was even more astonished that the culprit of most reproductive health issues was estrogen dominance.

Like most women, my periods were debilitating, but I had no idea that it was my body's check engine light. I eventually was able to confirm through blood work that I had elevated estrogen levels which was putting me at high risk of breast cancer and in jeopardy of having the same fate as my mom. After bringing up my hormonal and menstrual concerns with my doctor, I was recommended to take birth control and I already knew through tons of research that this was not the best solution. In fact, many forms of birth control could worsen my condition over time while increasing my risk of fibroids and breast cancer.


I made the personal decision to instead attempt to balance my hormones naturally through nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as adding several key micronutrients to my daily routine. Within a short period of time, I went from debilitating periods with heavy cramping, bleeding, and clotting, to perfect periods that were pain-free and didn’t come with the usual drama.  


The truth is: the stats around periods are alarming. It's estimated that 80% of women are living with a hormonal imbalance which puts them at higher risk of developing fibroids over time. Over 40% of menstruating women have had to call out of work or miss school because of their period pain. It is estimated that 25% of black women will develop fibroids by the age of 30 and that number jumps to 80% by the age of 50! This work meant more than just curing painful periods, this was about helping women reduce their risks!

I knew I had to put other women on and over the past 3 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women perfect their periods too. This is how My Happy Flo was born. Our all-natural supplement features 9 key ingredients that women need to support hormonal balance, as well as optimize their gut health and immunity for a pain-free, happier, healthier time of the month.

I launched My Happy Flo to not only help women build healthier relationships with their period but also provide education on hormonal balance and reproductive health so that they can be empowered to be their own healthcare advocates. Painkillers with long term side effects, birth control and surgeries shouldn't be our only option.  

You deserve a Happy Flo and an inner glow that's restored.