What Are Your Period Symptoms Telling You About Your Health? 

Period Health Quiz

Do you find yourself calling in sick to school or work on Day 1 and 2 of your period? Running to the bathroom to change your tampons or pads every hour? Turning the heating pad allll the way up.  Taking the strongest meds in your cabinet just to get through the day.

If that sounds like just another day on your cycle … You need a new normal, sis!

Your menstrual cycle is considered a fifth vital sign, and serves as your monthly report card into your body’s health. This is why we designed this short 1-2 minute period health quiz to help you decode what your period symptoms may be revealing to you about your hormones and your overall health. Our quiz is designed to help you better understand some of your symptoms.

By answering a series of simple questions, you'll get personalized feedback on your period health, including tips and resources to help you improve your menstrual cycle experience. 

So why wait? Take our Period Health Quiz today and get one step closer to having a better period!